Carye Bye

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Official Name:
Red Bat Press

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What you’ll be selling:
Bike-themed wood-cut prints & postcards as well as Bunny on a Bike Tees, “Everybody Bike” Calendar Card, postcards debuting with “Bikey Characters” (as seen on the T-shirt.)

Why do you create bike art?
“It started with a series of Bunny on Bike wood-cut prints in 1998. The character came about on a trip in San Antonio ILater when I moved toPortland I created a smaller revised version of Bunny on a Bike as a postcard. This design was and still is wildly popular. I’ve always chosen biking as way of travel in the cities I’ve lived and in Portland where Bike culture is huge, the community really embraced the bunny on a bike. In the last 2 years, I’ve become more involved with bike culture, I’ve instituted an annual Bunny on a Bike Ride on Easter which was inspired by the character, and I’ve continued to make bike-themed art such as a print called ‘Everybody Bike’ because the biking way of life is so important to me and the people I know. You’ll probably never see a Car-themed card from me, and bikes will continue to show up in my art.”

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