Bike Art from the CCC

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Here’s the lowdown from Nikkie West of the Community Cycling Center (CCC)

“The Recycling Program at the CCC is the largest Bicycle recycling operation in the country…and the Bike Art program is just one of its facets. All bike parts utilized in this program are salvaged from bikes that have been donated to the CCC by members of the community but have no use in our shop and are thus on their way to either the landfill or one of our recycling outlets. We have a large volunteer base that assists in the collection, teardown and cleaning of these parts before they find their way to Bike Art events (such as yours). The ultimate goal is to encourage creative REUSE as a sustainable alternative to our current waste systems.

An interactive bike crafts table gives participants the opportunity to make jewelry, belts, windchimes, mobiles and much more….while diverting materials from the wastestream.”

Learn more at the CCC’s BikeArt program page.

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