Green GT Timberline

Brand: GT
Model: Timberline
Stolen in Portland, OR
Stolen From: 4th Avenue Building @ Portland State University. Entrance near 4th and Harrison.
Neighborhood: PSU Campus
Owner: Weston Wedding
Description: Both pedals had loose screws so pedaling was sort of creaky/crackly. Chainwheel is off-kilter slightly so the chain will rarely slip when the rear sprokets are in high gear. Chain can’t really sit on the largest cog of the chainwheel without slipping or popping off.

Both tires are “Serpa” brand “Drifter” tires; all black.

Seat is in really bad shape but had a cheap gel seat cover added, which is still in good shape. Seat itself has tape wrapped around it.

Some of the screws in the pedals have broken off completely, splitting open the stems.

Chain and lock tended to be wrapped around the top tube during rides so there was a lot of knicks and chipped paint on the top tube and a bit on the down tube.

Handle bars were a longhorn style, black rubber.

Gear shifters needed some adjusting; the orange gear indicators did not align very well for the chainwheel.
Police record with: Portland PD
Police reference#: 12-155271
This registrant does not have proof of ownership of this bike

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