silver Not sure-maybe Specialized road bike 1990?

Year: 1990?
Brand: Not sure-maybe Specialized
Model: road bike
Size:I’m 5’7″ & it fit
Stolen in Portland, OR 97239
Stolen From: house at SW Corbett & Thomas
Neighborhood: Lair Hill/South Portland
Owner: Ellen Bellaterra B&B
Reward: $25
Description: Driveway is on Thomas; bike was taken from behind a bench at the far end of a section of the driveway that doubles as a patio. I’m not sure exactly when it happened–but I think I saw it there on the 2nd, possibly the 3rd, too. It wasn’t there this morning (6/4).

I bought the bike secondhand in the early 90’s and haven’t used it much in the last 15 years–so I don’t remember the brand and can’t find any records for it.

* After looking at lists of brand names, I think the brand name might be Specialized.
* It’s a 10-speed (possibly 12) road bike
* down-bars with one set of brakes (no suicide brakes); believe brake operated with left hand works better than one on the right.
* Section of handlebars you grip is wrapped with white tape (I think beginning to come off at one end).
* Rubber around around where brakes levers attach is natural tannish color.
* On middle section of handlebars (left side, I think) is a black plastic base to attach light to.
* Has a water bottle cage.
* Black seat (regular size, not extra wide).
* Black fenders (I think they’re plastic). Rear one is raggedly broken when the rear reflector was.
* I think there’s a white reflector in front middle; also on at least one of the wheels (facing to the side).
* Has stirrups/clips with old leather straps (curling a bit).
* Has (had?) an under-seat bag with lock and plastic-wrapped silvery cable (the kind that springs into a circle about 5-6″ wide). There had also been an old, small turquoise fanny pack in there with a short wood-handled screwdriver and an allen wrench.
* Had a 2-3″ rear view mirror attached to left brake attachment.
* No kickstand, rack, or basket.
Police record with: Portland PD
Police reference#: T10003393
This registrant does not have proof of ownership of this bike

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