Stolen hoffman bikes hoffman disrupter

parts i put in to it were…mosh digital brake pads,mosh iI.D. bar ends(black), industry pegs(silver), redline monster tubular 3-pc (crome) 180mm american sealed crank, mosh step pedals (black) size (9/16),kmc 710 chain, eastern medusa chain wheel(black) 36T 7mm thick, mosh justice cassete rear hub with 48H with mosh black hub gaurd and sealed bearings with 14mm axles ,sun big city rim (chrome) 48H, salt front hub (black) 36H sealed bearings with 14mm axles, with alex rim on the front (black/silver), kendra dirt tire on the back and a shadow conspirtcy belter tire on the front, pink dice for both valve’s, handle bars have hoffman grips with a stiker on the left side the says (HB), stem is black, has a black slick cable, the cable and brake lever is both oddesy,the brakes are tektro “U” brakes, black hoffman seat the has 1 small cut in the middle of the seat and a little bigger rip on the back right side of the seat too and says hoffman on the seat like all of the words(hoffman) are being printed over each other, no front brakes,, 5 danscomp stickers 1 on the top and front of the top tube that says(dans comp)(red),1 on the mid right side top tube that says (danscomp)(white/red/black) ,1 on the bottom tube on the left side next to the crank says (danscomp)(black/red), 1 on the left side of the bar next to the wheel that says (danscomp sience 1986) in (red/black) , and 1 on the back right peg that says (danscomp)(transparent/white),front right side of fork has damage on the bottom from grinding,bar next to rear wheel has damage from grinding as well,lots of chips in paint, but still looks very nice, every thing is sealed but the bearings in the forks are not sealed,the bike looks like it belongs to a pro, very origanl, u can tell it was alot of money, worth about 800$. top tube is 20 inches, about 29-30LB

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