Stolen: Raleigh Record

my POS raleigh record. Initially was a dark red, now covered in duct tape.
straightish handlebars with mtb bar ends. most notable about the bike
would be the strange looking ergonomic seat which has no front part and is
put up very high. stomp pedals with yellow power grip straps. silver
spedometer “cycolmeter” brand that’s always on. two bottle cages, back one
is black front one is rusted with the top bent out of shape. rear wheel
has a broken spoke wrapped around another spoke. 27×1.25 tires. Red rear
blinker attached to the seat post. Nice black rack, attached to the seat
strangly.Stolen from 53rd and stark today 7-11-06 during the middle of the
day. I could not imagine anyone trying to sell it. I do see them
abandoning it on the eastside after they realize what a piece of crap bike
it is (I still love it and use it to get all around portland). Really I
had no idea anyone would bother trying to steal this bike. If you see it
please call Nathan at 503-239-3972 anytime.

small addendum: bike was stolen on 8/11/06 and feel free to list
yardko @ as my email, thanks

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