Ayleen Crotty

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Official Name:
Team Woodlawn Designs

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What you’ll be selling:
Lanterns, magnets and stitch-framed photographs embellished with images of local and national bike culture.

Why do you create bike art?
Immersing myself in my photographs of local and national bike culture,
I indulgently relive the moments that led to the photos while
simultaneously showcasing a passion for bikes. I can stare for hours at
an illuminated lantern, my mind flooded with a melancholy nostalgia for
the people and places pictured therein.

More about your work:
The lanterns are affectionately know as Midnight Lanterns for their
frequent appearance on Midnight Mystery Rides where they help us find
our away among the dark crevices of a destino. The lanterns are
reinforced with PBR (and other cheep beer) can bases. The sides fold in
for completely transportable illumination.

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