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Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Race complete results

Posted by on October 5th, 2009 at 3:24 pm

oregon manifest constructors race
Race organizers calculate finish times.
(Photo © Elly Blue)

Saturday’s 77 mile race event from Vernonia to Northwest Portland tested Oregon Manifest entrants’ machines and racers. Of the 29 handmade bicycles entered, 8 did not finish due to
crashes, mechanical failures or rider fatigue.

Participants launched from the starting line beginning at 10:15 in seven staggered waves based on ability. The first three fastest riders were given ribbons and sponsor prizes. The race element did not factor into the overall Oregon Manifest awards calculations.

Overall elapsed times were:

Sprout – 4:54
Circle A – 5:00
Boxer – 5:21
Goodrich – 5:32
Retrotec – 5:33
Parlee – 5:34
Frances – 5:36
Hufnagel – 5:43
Donkelope – 5:46
Quixote – 5:52
Cielo – 5:54
Signal – 6:00
Ti Cycles – 6:00
Tsunehiro – 6:12
Sizemore – 6:18
Pereira – 6:18
Metrofiets – 6:54
Igleheart – 6:58
Ahearne – 7:10
Rebolledo – 7:55
Sycip – 7:55
Ahrens – DNF
Dinucci – DNF
Framebones – DNF
Magnolia – DNF
Rex – DNF
Vertigo – DNF
Winter – DNF

For further coverage of this event check out our special section on Oregon Manifest 2009.

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