Job: Bike Camp Director/Program Manager – WashCo Bikes

Job Title

Bike Camp Director/Program Manager

Company / Organization

WashCo Bikes

Job Description

Primary Responsibilities
Organize and successfully execute the annual season of youth bike camps in Washington County, meeting the purpose and major goals of the program as stated in the governing policy.
Grow and improve the program in size, scope, and quality.
Manage seasonal staff.
Time Frame: February – September each year.
These responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Determine camp dates and locations. Note: This task should be completed by mid-March to allow for development of advertising materials, scheduling instructors, and assure we have venues locked down, etc.
Recruit, interview, hire instructors at pay ranges approved by the ED, along with background checks, CIT training or verified training
Assure instructors are trained. Set up pre-camp dinner, training. This includes the company policies as well as safe cycling skills.
Secure suitable venues.
Work with the ED to develop and meet budgets.
Monitor and ensure camps are operating well.
Develop an Instructor Reference Book with games, activities, maps/routes around each venue, etc. for use in future years.
Other tasks as needed to insure successful camps.

Responsibilities for this position do not include:
Being a Camp Instructor- that is a separate job.
Procuring liability Insurance. This is the responsibility of WashCo Bikes.
Back office duties- managing registration, payments, communication with parents, printing and copying,etc.
Current program size: 8 weeks – number of bike camps from late June through August. Two- three age groups in each camp 125-175 campers per summer 4-6 paid/volunteer instructors per week.
This position reports to the Executive Director.
Pay Range: $18-$20 per hour. Can be a fixed sum contract (based on an estimated 150 hours per season) payable at pre-agreed upon milestones; or a monthly based on fixed number of months and hours.

How to Apply

Send, a letter of interest and current resume to
One it has been reviewed you will be contacted to set up an interview.