A golden opportunity for Oregon cycling

Oregon has a golden opportunity to build two new velodromes, to further solidify our reputation as the premier state for cycling participation in the country, and to build lasting links between our elected officials and the one love we all share; bicycles.

All that’s missing is your voice encouraging legislators in Salem to support the Velodrome Bill.

[Eleni Maus (my 4 year-old daughter) takes in some velodrome action, while enjoying some grapes last summer. ]

This is about much more than track racing. Two new velodromes in Oregon would benefit everyone from a kid learning about dedication and practice while attending a summer camp to the potential Olympic hopeful training for the World Championships and the hotel owner with the “No vacancy” sign during a big event.

It’s also an opportunity to build bridges between Oregon’s awesome cycling community (in all of its glorious manifestations) and our elected officials in Salem.

Yesterday in the Capitol building, I sat around a table and listened to Republican Senator Jason Atkinson tell us that he is already telling this story to his colleagues…and some of them are just as excited as we are.

In fact, he has already gotten nine of them to sign on to the bill. But we’re far from the final sprint on this effort and Sen. Atkinson needs our help.

In order for this bill to pass, we must show our legislators that there is a huge community behind these velodromes and that we want them to be built.

Let’s show Sen. Atkinson that we appreciate his work in making this bill a reality…and by doing so, we’ll make these velodromes a reality.

I’ve never ridden one lap on a velodrome, but I know that opportunities like this to improve cycling in Oregon do not happen very often.

We need as many of you as possible to write, email, call or ride down to the Capitol and tell your representatives to support Senate Bill 926. It only takes a few minutes to be a part of history!

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If we can come together to make this happen, just imagine what other great things we can accomplish!

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