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Family Biking: Madi Carlson, signing off

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(Photo: Rijder Carlson)

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Farewell readers!

After 100 posts I’ve used up all my words and it’s time to pass this column onto someone else. Family Biking is such an important topic and I’ve loved being able to share this space with you for nearly two years now. I look forward to reading future posts on the topic from Jonathan and other contributors.

This is just goodbye from inside the BikePortland internet tubes — you’ll still see me biking around Portland so please ding your bell and/or wave when you see me on the street.


Thanks for reading and for all the great comments.

One last thing, even before my stint as a BikePortland columnist I spent lots of time giving advice about family biking one-on-one via email, so continue to send me your questions: madidotcom [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you Madi! We’ve loved sharing your life-on-a-bike each week here on the Front Page. My personal faves are when you shared 10 years of kid-carrying tips, asked readers why they don’t bike with little ones, what type of infrastructure is most important to family bikers, how you deal with “mama bear rage” on the road, and of course the fun family profiles.

If you’re bummed to see Madi go and want to keep the Family Biking column alive, please get in touch. I’m always looking for columnists for this and many other topics. — Jonathan