Rapha collaborates on $3,500 three-piece cycling suit

The suit is a collaboration between Rapha and famous London tailor Timothy Everest.
(Photo: Rapha)

Rapha, the UK-based cycling apparel maker (with U.S. headquarters in Portland) has taken velocouture to a new level.

According to an email I just received from Rapha’s U.S. General Manager Slate Olson, Rapha has finished a 12-month collaboration with one of London’s premiere fine tailors, Timothy Everest.

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The result of that collaboration is a three-piece suit (jacket, waistcoat and trousers) that, according to Rapha, “is at home both on the bike and in the boardroom,” and that, “offers elegance, thoughtful touches and luxury finishing.”

If you’re interested, you’d better decide quickly. Then, check your calendar and be ready to fly to Manhattan with $3,500 for the bike outfit of your dreams. Everest is only available for custom fittings for one day (February 24th) and he only has time for five of Rapha’s “best US customers”.

$3,500. I sure would hate to go down wearing it. I wonder if Everest offers a service/warranty plan?

The fittings will be held in the showroom of Signature Cycles Manhattan.

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