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Clever Cycles signs lease on new shop

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[Clever Cycles’ Todd Fahrner
in San Jose.]

Cleverchimp founder and Clever Cycles co-owner Todd Fahrner is here at the Handmade Bicycle Show and he just gave me an update on his plans to open up a new bike shop in Portland.

Todd and his partners in the business (his wife Martina Fahrner and Rachel and Dean Mullin) have signed a lease on a space at 1516 SE 9th (just off Hawthorne, across from the Lucky Lab Brew Pub).

Todd says the 1800 square-foot shop should be ready for a grand opening this spring.

The shop will sell Dutch bakfiets cargo bikes (they’ve already sold over half their first shipment on word-of-mouth alone), city bikes, and complementary accessories. Expect some great new products never before available in Portland; like Brompton’s line of foldable bikes, Surly’s Big Dummy longtail bike, Xtracycles, Dutch, oil-cloth panniers and other cool stuff.

Everything they sell will be, “relentlessly practical” and Todd adds that they will only stock bikes that take luggage, lights and fenders seriously,

“You won’t see anything in our shop that even resembles racing or lycra. Our focus is on hauling cargo and family, staying comfortable while riding in all types of weather and safety…but that’s not to say that utility biking can’t fun and sexy!”

Sounds like it will be a perfect fit for Portland and I can’t wait for opening day.