Cyclists get day in court on Monday

Lawyer Mark Ginsberg has his work cut out for him on Monday. His office will finally get trials on all the remaining fixed-gear cases they’ve been handling (except for one which is scheduled for the next day).

Here’s the word from Mark:

“We have a total of about 10 cases, the majority are fixed-gear cases, a few are failure to use a bike lane, and 1 or 2 are in the “other” category, but they are all bicycle traffic violations.”

You might recall that there seems to be some confusion in the courts as to what constitutes a “braking device” on a fixed-gear bicycle. Meanwhile, some cops continue to write tickets for this violation.

The cases are open to the public and will be heard at the Multnomah County Courthouse (1020 SW 4th Ave), in room 124 beginning at 8:30 AM.

Mark says he welcomes, “whoever wants to come and watch and support their fellow cyclists while having their day in court.”

I hope it’s a day of positive educational opportunities for both sides. I’ll be taking notes for sure.

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