PBOT project will improve several key Central Eastside bikeways

A rider waits for a break in traffic on Ankeny Island in 2015.
(Photo: Michael Andersen)

The Portland Bureau of Transportation plans to start a major project next summer that will look to reduce bike/truck conflicts and improve freight circulation in the Central Eastside. As part of the work we’ll see auto traffic diversion on two key bikeways, new signals, new bike lanes, and more.

The five projects will focus on significant changes to key bike network intersections at NE 16th at Irving, SE Sandy at 11th/Ankeny, SE Grand at Washington, SE Grand at Salmon, and SE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd at Salmon. The projects are part of what PBOT calls the Central Eastside Access and Circulation project that was awarded $2.8 million in federal funding from a Metro “Regional Flexible Fund” grant in 2017.

PBOT says some elements included in the original, $5 million project scope have been removed due to rising material costs and a reduction in matching funds. Even so, what remains is significant. Take a closer look at the plans below…


We’re excited to see changes coming to the notorious intersection of Sandy/Ankeny/11th. According to PBOT plans, through driving will be prohibited on Ankeny between 10th and 12th. There will also be new signals and green coloration of the bikeway coming via a bike box on eastbound Ankeny, the bike lane on 11th, and new bike crossings.

The changes coming to Ankeny aren’t quite as robust as the roundabout or neckdown suggested by our readers back in 2015, but they are a step forward.

The bikeway on Salmon where it crossings Grand and MLK (a stressful couplet) will also see significant upgrades. In addition to new traffic signals PBOT’s latest plans show car traffic diverters that prevent turns onto Salmon from the couplet. Westbound bike riders on MLK will get a new green bike lane, then a signal to get across which leads to a contraflow (against traffic) bike lane westbound toward SE 3rd Ave. And drivers will no longer be able to turn right (westbound) onto Salmon from MLK. There will be a similar bike treatment at SE Grand, and drivers won’t be able to right (eastbound) onto Salmon. This design should dramatically improve safety and reduce the number of cars on the greenway.

With these updates to Salmon, this crucial greenway that currently ends at 7th (where the route jogs over to Taylor) will have low(er)-stress access all the way to the Esplanade!

At NE 16th and Irving, bike riders will get green lanes and boxes to help reduce right hooks. New signals will add predictability to the intersection that currently relies on guess-work. Benson High students and other walkers will appreciate the robust curb extensions to make crossings easier.

Check the plans for more details and stay tuned for more opportunities to weigh in this fall.

CORRECTION: This article initially claimed that Martin Luther King Jr Blvd and Grand are owned by the State of Oregon. That was a mistake. They are PBOT roads. We regret the error.

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