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New, larger pump track coming to Gateway Green

Portland is getting a pump track similar to this one in Hood River.
(Photo: Hood River Parks & Rec)

With buzz already strong due to the $5.75 million in major upgrades being built at Gateway Green right now, we’ve just heard more good news: A source tells us the Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) bureau has signed a contract with Velosolutions to build a much larger pump track.

The deal is still working its way through city government but it expected to be official early next week.

I haven’t confirmed details of the design or timeline for the project, but if it’s anything close to what Velosolutions typically builds, it will be the best pump track in Portland by far and cement Gateway Green as a cycling destination for the region.

Last year I visited a Velosolutions pump track at Golden Eagle Park in Hood River and was so impressed I reported back that it’s exactly what we should aspire to and it’s extremely exciting to know we have one of these coming to Portland!

According to Hood River cycling advocates, their pump track cost just under $200,000 to plan and build. Check out the video below to get a better sense of what might be coming to Gateway Green:


A Velosolutions pump track in Germany.
(Photo: Velosolutions)

Velosolutions is a leading builder of pump tracks and has completed projects all over the world. They specialize in asphalt tracks that are super smooth and fun.

For the uninitiated, pump tracks are sort of a mix between a skatepark and a BMX track where the idea is to ride without pedaling — and use the smooth whoops of the track to gain speed. You keep your momentum by pumping your arms and legs, hence the name pump track. They’re a fantastic, full-body workout and can satisfy a wide range of ages and skill levels.

When Gateway Green opened in summer 2017 it had a very small, concrete pump track. That facility is gone and will be replaced with the new one. According to park plans, the pump track will be located near the new main entrance which will also have paved picnic areas, a drinking fountain, a restroom and other amenities when it opens later this fall.

PP&R built their first pump track at Ventura Park in 2012.

Gateway Green has been closed for construction all summer. There’s a volunteer work day slated for Saturday (10/3) as crews put the finishing touches on several major new trails and other riding features.

I look forward to sharing more about the pump track. Stay tuned!

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