Victim of collision during pro-Trump ‘cruise rally’ seeks witnesses

Amid the chaos of the pro-Trump “Cruise Rally” on Saturday August 29th, video emerged from journalist Sergio Olmos (@MrOlmos) that showed a bicycle lodged under the front axle of a BMW SUV. Now the owner of the bicycle is seeking justice and needs witnesses to come forward.

The footage shocked many who saw it because the worst outcome was feared: That a person was seriously injured in the collision. Fortunately the bike’s owner was walking the bike prior to the collision.

According to a lawyer working with the victim, the motor vehicle driver attempted to flee the scene before they realized they were dragging a bicycle.


Here’s how the victim’s lawyer says it happened:

“At about 8 PM on Saturday, August 29, 2020, a bicyclist walked their bike eastbound through a crosswalk on the south side of the intersection of SW 13th and Washington. As they were walking with the “WALK” signal, they were struck by a motor vehicle turning left from westbound Washington onto southbound 13th. The bicyclist sustained injuries for which they received treatment at the scene, and, later, at urgent care. The motor vehicle operator attempted to leave the scene, but was impeded by the bicycle stuck underneath the front of their vehicle, which they dragged several dozen feet from the point of impact.”

If you saw this happen or have any other photos, video or information about it, please contact Chris Thomas at

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