At open house, City hears overwhelming support for diverters on Clinton

Guerrilla diverters on SE Clinton-9
After all, it is a bike street.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

Not everybody likes the city’s proposal to add traffic diverters to Southeast Clinton Street at 17th and 29th Avenues. But just about everyone who rides a bike on Clinton seems to.

Fortunately for the proposal, just about everyone who’s currently interested in the issue seems to ride a bike.

Out of 123 comments gathered at last week’s open house, 84 percent of people said they support the city’s proposals and just 16 percent opposed them. Supporters include 84 percent of the people who said they live directly on Clinton and 95 percent of people who bike there — including those who both bike and drive.

The city proposal, which also included speed bumps between Chavez and 50th, wasn’t a hit among the 13 open house attendees who said they drive on Clinton but never bike there. Only three of those people (23 percent) supported the concepts.


The city had advertised the open house with a mailer to every nearby residence and business. Half of the people who left comments at the open house gave addresses in the 97202 ZIP code; the other half lived elsewhere.

The support was not tepid. Of the people present, 71 percent said they “strongly support” the proposal. Another 9 percent said they “strongly oppose” it.

The numbers came Thursday from city project manager Rich Newlands, who added that open-ended comments are still being transcribed, and that online comments are still being collected on the city’s website.

Of the 250 online comments that have been received so far, Newlands said they “appear to mirror very closely those from the open house — we’re hearing mostly from bicyclist users of the greenway, with support for the proposed recommendations at above 80 percent.”

You can read more about the project on the city’s website, or browse our coverage of Clinton’s traffic troubles.

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