Staples Inc. donates easement for Marine Drive trail

Now just an on-street bike lane, the Staples
donation will make it easier for Metro to
complete the pathway.

Metro announced today that office supply company Staples Inc. has donated the easement rights for future development of the Marine Drive trail.

Staples owns a distribution center that backs up against Marine Drive just east of the Portland-Gresham border (east of NE 185th, see map below). Marine Drive is a popular bicycling route and is part of the 40 Mile Loop. However, while much of Marine Drive is a multi-use path separated from high-speed motor vehicle traffic, there are still portions with on-street bike lanes where Metro would like to fill the gaps in non-motorized corridor.

Approximate location of future trail.
Google Map here

Staples has donated a 441 foot trail easement that Metro appraises at $7,800. Eventually, the Marine Drive trail will run along the back of their property. Metro must acquire all the easement rights and identify funding before construction can begin. Once fully completed, people will be able to ride on the Marine Drive trail along the Columbia River from North Portland to Troutdale without ever riding on the roadway.

Metro hopes more landowners step up to donate easements and trail rights. Their Natural Areas Program typically has to pay market value, but Metro reports that more than a dozen landowners like Staples have donated property.

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