See what the South Waterfront Greenway trail will look like

Concept drawing for new South Waterfront Greenway Trail.
(Graphic: Portland Parks & Recreation)

First identified as a project in 2004, the new South Waterfront Greenway Trail is finally moving forward toward construction. The main snag thus far has been the acquisition federal environmental permits; but with a presentation about the project at City Council last week, it looks as the long overdue project is on schedule to begin preconstruction this summer.

The new trail will go right in front
of the condos in South Waterfront just
south of the Ross Island Bridge.

Parks and Recreation Services Manager Eileen Argentina told BikePortland several things have come together to bring the project to this point:

“Over the last 8-9 months we have been working to see how we can balance the many goals and priorities the community has for this site – in particular ensuring that it delivers great value in terms of recreational, transportation, community and environmental benefits.”

Argentina says a major breakthrough for the project came when TriMet’s Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail bridge project already planned to work in the water adjacent to the trail site as mitigation. “We have been working with TriMet so that our project can help theirs, and their mitigation funds can then support the Greenway.”

TriMet is contributing $1 million toward the $8 million total project cost.

I tracked down a copy of the presentation made to City Council and found a detailed drawing of the upcoming trail. It shows a fully separated path for people walking and biking. Such separation doesn’t exist on any of Portland’s current multi-use paths but it’s sorely needed. While this is just a small segment of one project, hopefully it will serve as a demonstration that separation is needed on other non-motorized paths throughout the city.

Learn more about this project on PP&R’s website and from a recent article in the Daily Journal of Commerce.

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