More details (and a video) on ‘People for Bikes’ campaign launch

National Bike Summit 2010 Day 1-17
Bikes Belong executive director Tim Blumenthal.
(Photos © J. Maus)

As reported earlier, Bikes Belong revealed a major new campaign tonight aimed at unifying a million voices in support of bicycling across America. The People for Bikes campaign was launched to a room packed with bike advocates and industry leaders from across the country at the opening reception of the National Bike Summit.

During the announcement, Bikes Belong executive director Tim Blumenthal shared a bit more about the campaign. He also shared a video they used as inspiration for the campaign (watch it below). Blumenthal said the official public launch will take place at the Sea Otter Classic bike race and festival in California on April 15th-18th.

Andy Clarke as Wile E. Coyote.

During a slideshow presentation, Blumenthal illustrated the goal of the campaign by sharing a Photoshopped image of League of American Bicyclists director Andy Clarke as Wile E. Coyote jumping a bike over the Grand Canyon. One side was labeled “250,000 advocates” and the other, “50 million riders.” Blumenthal also shared one of the campaign ads and said, “You’re going to see these ads everywhere.”

Assisting Bikes Belong on the campaign was creative firm Colle McVoy . Blue State Digital, the database technology and online strategists behind Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to popularity are also involved. Bike parts maker SRAM also played a key role as a “special investor” in the project.

A video was also played during the launch presentation. Blumenthal said it was created during the development of the campaign and shows the kind of spirit they’re after. I recorded the video with my iPhone. Watch it below (and listen to the rousing ovation at the end!):

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