New from Streetfilms: Bike Rush Hour on the Hawthorne Bridge

Filmmaker Clarence Eckerson on the
Hawthorne Bridge last week.
-Watch video below-

Streetfilms‘ Clarence Eckerson was in Portland recently for Filmed by Bike. While he was here, he teamed up with Dan Kaufman from Crank My Chain CycleTV to put together a new, 3-plus minute film that takes a look at “Bike Rush Hour” on Portland’s Hawthorne Bridge.

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It features some great, time-lapse shots of a solid string of bikers pedaling home on the evening commute. Watching the footage made me wonder how all the bike and ped traffic will fit on the bridge this summer. Like our own Elly Blue says in the video, “We need more room!”.

Check it out:

Link to video on Streetfilms

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