Prozanski puts brakes on helmet law expansion plan

The Oregonian is reporting that Oregon state senator Floyd Prozanski is backing off his idea to introduce a law would have made helmets mandatory for adults.

The O’s Michelle Cole says Prozanski felt pressure to pull back due to the negative response he received. She wrote, “Prozanski also got a pounding this week from bloggers…”. Prozanski told Cole that, “Based on the information and reports I’ve gotten in the last day, I’m probably leaning away from a mandatory helmet law.”

Since news of Prozanski’s idea broke back on July 22nd, many people have expressed their opposition and the story quickly spread to media outlets across the state.

Advocacy groups like the Bicycle Transportation Alliance — who have long been opposed to mandatory helmet laws for adults — can now breathe a sigh of relief that this is one less battle they’ll have to wage in the coming legislative session.

Read The Oregonian’s story here.

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