The ‘Mundo’ makes its Portland debut

Meet the Yuba Mundo-91.jpg
Jeremy Towsey-French loves the Mundo.
(Photos © J. Maus)

Jeremy Towsey-French dropped by headquarters today to introduce me to the Yuba Mundo.

The Mundo (it means “world” in Spanish) is a cargo bike dreamed up by an ex-employee of Xtracycle and Jeremy is the Portland distributor. He’s set up a website at and he tells me he’s got the only Mundos in the country right now.

I was interested in the bike because it fits an interesting niche. It’s billed as an affordable and versatile cargo bike. For just under $1,000, the all-steel Mundo — with its massive rear rack — will let you carry all sorts of crazy loads. And you don’t have to be shy about loading up — it has a load capacity of 440 pounds (no kidding)!

Meet the Mundo.
The rack.

The bike is built like a tank, it’s made in Germany and weighs about 59 pounds (compare that to a bakfiets which weighs about 66 97 pounds).

I’m going to ride it around for a few days (hopefully at the Voodoo parade tomorrow tonight) and I might share some more thoughts before I give it back.

Jeremy gives credit to Clever Cycles for making cargo bikes cool (with their Dutch offerings) and now he hopes the Mundo will also get a warm welcome in Portland. I hope he’s right.

If you’re interested in whether or not this bike would work for you, check out Jeremy’s website. He’s posted a ton of information, photos and FAQs that should answer all your questions.

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