Banished bollards mean better biking on Bryant Bridge

ODOT crew member Heath Hansen
removes a bollard on the Bryant Bridge.
(Photos © J. Maus)

This morning ODOT maintenance crews removed the bollards at the entrance to the Bryant Street Pedestrian Overpass.

This little known bridge is a key link between the Piedmont and Arbor Lodge neighborhoods in North Portland and it provides a safe crossing of I-5. However, in recent years it had become neglected and almost forgotten until a group of nearby residents received a $50,000 grant to improve the bridge through funds made available by the I-5 Delta Park freeway widening project.

As part of the Bryant Bridge improvement effort, the community has been working with ODOT to develop a master plan to identify specific improvements intended to make the bridge safer, more appealing, and easier to access.

The bollards, which were placed in the middle of the path right after a 90-degree turn before entering the bridge, made it difficult for bikes to get by — especially for families pulling trailers.

Artist and Piedmont resident Brian Borrello, shown here at a recent community meeting, has spearheaded the effort to improve the bridge.
This drawing was created during a community brainstorming session.

Responding to community feedback, ODOT decided to remove the bollards. In a statement about the decision, ODOT spokesperson Shelli Romero said,

“ODOT remains committed to assist with making the Bryant Street Pedestrian Overpass a safe and more utilized facility for bicyclists and pedestrians recognizing its location is ideal for bike and pedestrian commuters and is in proximity of transit and access to a business and commercial district along N. Interstate Avenue.”

Also according to ODOT, the bollard removal will not impact the $50,000 budget for other bridge improvements.

For more information about the Bryant Street Bridge Improvement Project, visit the project website on the Piedmont Neighborhood Association website.

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