No more right turns at Greeley: “I don’t want another tragedy”

Signs like this have been
placed on the hill approaching
the intersection.
(Photos © Jonathan Maus)
The closure consists of these two barricades.

Calling the intersection, “inherently dangerous” City Commissioner of Transportation Sam Adams had PDOT crews close the right-turn section of N. Greeley Avenue that has claimed two victims in as many weeks.

Adams with a PDOT employee.

Adams — flanked by PDOT traffic safety guru Greg Raisman and just yards from the ghost bike memorial for Brett Jarolimek — pointed out that Interstate and Greeley was one of the intersections on his “Top 14” that are slated for emergency bike safety improvement measures following the death of two cyclists last month.

At a press conference at the scene about an hour ago, Adams said,

“…with the days getting shorter, the weather about to turn worse, this intersection is inherently unsafe the way it is engineered right now, and so we’re going to close it temporarily to give us some time to figure out what we need to do to make it safer…

While we finalize that [bike boxes and other improvements] and try to get it done in a matter of weeks from now, this is going to be closed, because it’s just too dangerous to keep it open and I don’t want another tragedy.”

See more photos of the closure.

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