New corporate-sponsored racks in the Pearl

Kryptonite Racks in the Pearl-2.jpg
(Photos © Jonathan Maus)

Thanks to a partnership between Kryptonite and the City of Portland, bike parking just got a lot easier for students at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Last Friday, work crews installed 9 staple racks (that’s room for about 18 bikes), in what was formerly one car parking spot. The new racks are directly adjacent to the entrance to the school’s main building at NW 13th and Johnson in the Pearl District.

According to PDOT’s Linda Ginenthal, the racks are the result of “a collaboration” between the city and Kryptonite. She says Kryptonite approached them wanting to fund a project (likely as part of their ongoing Portland-centric marketing efforts) and these bike parking “corrals” are what they came up with.

The racks are black with a yellow section that is emblazoned with the Kryptonite wordmark.

Ginenthal says Kryptonite paid for the racks (standard, blue staple racks cost $60 each) and PDOT paid for the installation.

A similar corral, also funded by Kryptonite, is expected to be installed a few blocks south of this one at 539 NW 13th (in front of Acorn Cafe).

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