Vulnerable Users bill gets some unlikely support

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Lars Larson can usually be counted on for ranting against bicyclists, but now it seems he’s taking a cue from the Oregonian and showing his support for the Vulnerable Roadway Users bill.

Case in point. I was forwarded an email from someone who claimed to have heard him speaking positively about the bill on his show this morning. A quick look at the front page of his website, and sure enough, “Do we really need more laws to protect cyclists?” is listed as a topic.

Click that headline and you go to a page which reprints the recent Oregonian editorial that was highly supportive of the bill. Above that, Larson writes, “Oregon should toughen punishments for careless motorists who run over cyclists riding safely and according to the law.”

With so much supportive media attention, and the recent death of Timothy O’Donnell, it’s hard to imagine this bill getting any more momentum. Let’s just hope this all translates into a legislative landslide next week.

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