BTA urges action on Vulnerable Roadway Users bill

It has come down to the final stretch for one of the BTA’s last remaining pieces of legislation. They have worked hard to craft a sensible proposal and move it through the system. Now, H.B. 3314 awaits just one final vote on the Senate floor before becoming law.

Last night, the BTA issued an email action alert to its members urging them to take action. Here’s an excerpt from that alert:

“The BTA’s Vulnerable Roadway Users bill will help protect bicyclists and pedestrians on roads by increasing penalties for drivers who cause their death – but only if it passes the Oregon Senate!

The bill would require drivers who seriously injure or kill cyclists or other vulnerable users of the roadway to pay $12,500 and have their license suspended for one year, or to complete 100 to 200 hours of community service and pass a special driver education course.

Please contact your State Senator (contact info here)! Tell her or him: “As your constituent, I’m asking you to support House Bill 3314 to increase protection for vulnerable users of our Oregon roadways!””

To learn more about this bill, read my previous coverage:

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