Metro passes Columbia Crossing resolution

Opponents of the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) Task Force’s plan to build a gargantuan, $2-6 billion new highway bridge claimed an important victory last night.

Metro Councilors heard a steady stream of public testimony in support of two resolutions to study other alternatives that were put forth by Metro Councilors Rex Burkholder and Robert Liberty.

I left the hearing before the vote was made, but I read on that Burkholder’s resolution was passed.

Metro President David Bragdon said:

“It was a great discussion. I don’t think I have heard such a compelling stream of testimony for a long time. It indicates a lot of debate to come…”

Bragdon also added that Burkholder’s resolution was amended to include a discussion of land-use measures to reduce the increase in commuter (single occupancy vehicle) traffic.

This vote gives Burkholder, who also sits on the 39-member CRC Task Force, the ability to make sure other alternatives move forward into the next phase of the process.

Oregonian reporter James Mayer reports that:

“Council President David Bragdon said limiting the options to building one mega-project or doing nothing would be a huge mistake.”

On Tuesday (2/27) the CRC Task Force will vote on which alternatives to move forward with. Here are more details on that meeting.

UPDATE: Portland Tribune story on last night’s hearing.

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