Sauvie Island Bridge coming to NW Portland?

Very intersting post over on Sam Adam’s blog. It concerns the possibility of moving the Sauvie Island Bridge – which is slated for demolition once the new one is built – to Northwest Portland. They’re trying to decide if the span should be re-used to create a bicycle and pedestrian only bridge across the 405 freeway at NW Flanders Street. Someone even made this cool digital mock-up of how Flanders might look with the bridge in place.

The decision of course comes down to money. Relocating the Sauvie Island Bridge would cost at least double the price of building a bridge from scratch.

But despite the cost, I think this possibility should be seriously considered. A “Bridge to the Pearl” fund-raising campaign would have a real chance to succeed given what this would mean to downtown Portland (and given the financial stature of some bike-loving Pearl residents).

I can already see the little pins and ribbons popping up all over the City! Save the bridge! Bring it to the Pearl!

I suggest reading Sam’s post for all the details.

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