Airport adds public bike parking

airport bike parking structure
[New and improved PDX bike parking*]

In response to your feedback from my post, Airport bike parking “for employees only”, I have just learned that the Portland Airport has re-designed the employee bike parking area to accomodate the general public. Here’s the scoop from Aviation Planner Jason Gately:

We recently modified our employee bike parking area to include an area for the general public. It is now split 50/50 between the general public and airprot employees (about 40 spaces each side). The employee side is still behind a secure gate, while the general public side is open (for now). We are looking into ways to secure this area, but still make it easy for the public to access at any tme of the day. It is located in a somewhat visible area near the terminal across from administrative offices below the E Concourse. It is located at the end (or beginning) of the new off-street multi-use path that parallels Airport Way into and out of the terminal.

Many thanks to all the readers who emailed and called Jason to voice your concerns. Your actions had a direct impact on making the airport a better place for bikes. Congratulations to you and thanks to Jason Gately and PDX for listening and doing something about it!

If you’d like to say “thank you” to Jason you can email him at

[See more photos of the re-designed bike parking structure.]

*Photos courtesy of Jason Gately

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