Video: Ride the carfree Shark Valley Loop Road in Everglades National Park

Believe it or not, the seat of a bicycle can be a great way to experience the Everglades. On a recent family vacation to southern Florida, my family and I rented bikes from the Shark Valley Visitor Center and pedaled a completely carfree 15-mile loop. Even with 90-degree temps and 90% humidity, it was actually quite enjoyable.

Biking is faster than walking, so you get the benefit of wind, and bugs have a harder time landing on you. And unlike airboats, trams, or cars, a silent bicycle allows you to soak up more of the wild sounds that make the Everglades so magical.

Check out our latest video for run-ins with huge gators, a hitchhiking grasshopper, beautiful birds, and other sights and sounds from our adventure.

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