Here’s what Hawthorne will look like after PBOT’s ‘Pave and Paint’

Before/after with PBOT rendering of new striping.

Anyone who hoped the City of Portland would reconsider plans to re-stripe Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard with a bike lane might want to call them before the end of business hours today. That’s because crews are set to start paving and painting on Monday.


The Portland Bureau of Transportation send out a statement Friday that the highly contentious Hawthorne Pave and Paint project is all set to begin. They also shared a new rendering of what their new plans will look like (above). Instead of the two curb lane, four general purpose lane configuration we have now between 22nd and 50th, the new plan will have two curb lanes and three general purpose lanes.

In addition to a new lane configuration, PBOT has already built around 180 new ADA-compliant curb ramps. They plan to do the paving in two phases and once the new pavement is ready, they’ll spend a few more months adding median islands, marked crosswalks, and new street lights.

PBOT says the new street design and features will reduce crashes on the designated high crash corridor and make it safer for all users.

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