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Was it worth it? Metro seeks feedback on active transportation projects

Pioneer Century ride is June 3rd

Active Transportation Return on Investment map.

Metro, our regional elected government, has hired a team of researchers from Portland State University to better understand how people feel about key active transportation projects they’ve invested in. Typically this work would be done in person by flagging down path and bikeway users, but the pandemic has forced a different approach.

The researchers have put together an interactive Google Map (above) with 25 different projects. Clicking on a project brings up a short survey with detailed questions about your experiences on the route/facility. The goal is to garner a deeper understanding of the return on investment on these projects — so suffice it to say the data will play a big role in future advocacy efforts.


Whether you walk, use a wheelchair, push a skateboard, bike, run, or whatever — Metro needs to hear from you.

One of the researchers says, “We are especially in need of comments about the 20s bikeway, 50s bikeway, and the Cully Cycle track in addition to Division and Burnside improvements.”

Learn more and find the map link here.

For more information, contact Marisa Zapata (, Lacey Friedly (, or Jennifer Dill (

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