Sneak peek at new carfree section of Historic Columbia River Highway

We cannot wait to ride this.
(Photos: ODOT)

In just 10 days, the Oregon Department of Transportation will tear the wrapping off a very impressive new section of the Historic Columbia River Highway. At 3.3 miles long, the $19 million project will leave us just five miles away from reconnecting this historic road that broke ground in 1916.

The new section begins just east of Cascade Locks and will provide walkers and rollers a carfree path around Shellrock Mountain. This has historically been the most unpleasant and dangerous gap in the entire Historic Highway where riders would have to pedal on a shoulder of Interstate 84 with people driving big trucks and RVs by at high speeds. The new path from Wyeth to Lindsey Creek will offer a much different experience.

A trail dedication event is scheduled for next Saturday August 3rd with a group bike ride led by Portland Bicycling Club leaving from Cascade Locks at 9:00 am. Unfortunately I’ll be out of town and can’t make it; but ODOT was kind enough to offer a few new photos for a sneak peek…


Construction on the next piece of the puzzle — the Mitchell Point Crossing — is funded and set to begin next summer. After that, ODOT says there’s only 1.6 miles left to finally reconnect the entire 73-mile route between Troutdale and The Dalles. Learn more about the project here.

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