Video claims protestors are to blame in collision with truck driver

Still from dashcam video of a collision on SW 4th Avenue on October 31st, 2018. Watch the video below.

Back in October we shared the story of Mark Dickerson, the man arrested for allegedly driving his truck through a crowd of protestors on SW 4th Avenue. Now his wife Janelle Dickerson is distributing a video that shows the protestors violating several laws. She says one man purposely walked in front of the truck and is now trying to “scam” their family via insurance fraud.

Prior to the collision, family and supporters of Patrick Kimmons, who was fatally shot by a Portland Police Officer, were standing in the street outside the Multnomah County Courthouse. Mark Dickerson, 55, was on his way to an appointment at the Courthouse. As he drove his truck northbound on 4th a group of people were standing in the street holding signs at the intersection of 4th and Main.


When the light turned green Dickerson drove through the intersection (his wife says he was going about 7 mph which, a speed that, “gave him permission to drive safely through the crowd”) and didn’t stop for people that were still standing in the street in front of him. He drove his large truck forward and the crowd parted. As he passed, one of the protestors pounded on the hood of his truck. Another protestor (in the lead photo), seems to have purposely walked into the path of Dickerson’s truck and was struck. The man who was on foot was not seriously injured. Dickerson eventually found a parking spot and was later found by police and arrested on charges of Assault in the Fourth Degree, Reckless Endangering, and Reckless Driving.

Yesterday we were contacted by Janelle Dickerson. She shared the video above and said, “Here’s what happened via his dashcam.” As you can see when you watch the video, Dickerson claims the protestors “attacked” the truck and violated several laws while doing so.

Now Mrs. Dickerson wants to the people in the video to be “exposed” for what she says is attempted insurance fraud. According to Dickerson, her husband has received death threats, faces a year in jail, is the subject of a civil lawsuit, has been slandered by the media and has racked up $5,000 in legal fees, “All because he was trying to park.”

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