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In Brief: Walking fatality on Columbia Blvd. this morning

It appears a person walking on North Columbia Boulevard was struck and killed on Monday. According to reports, a man ran a red light in his Ford Mustang, striking a person who was in the crosswalk. The driver has been booked for Criminally Negligent Homicide.

Here’s an approximate view that the driver would have had while running the red light, courtesy of Google Street View.

Looking west on Columbia Blvd., at Interstate Place. (Google Street View)

The person who was killed hasn’t been named yet, but Portland Police said “the deceased pedestrian was blind and utilizing the crosswalk as he walked northbound across North Columbia Boulevard.”

We’ve discussed Columbia Boulevard many times in the past (examples: [1], [2], [3]), but here we are again.

Update, 9/26/2017 1pm: the victim’s name has been released, Reke F. Agee. He was 61.

— Ted Timmons, @tedder42 on Twitter and

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