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Police and transportation bureaus team up for enforcement on SE Clinton tomorrow (2/10)

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Last month an officer jumped into harm’s way to
stop someone from driving the wrong way through
a recently installed semi-diverter on SE Clinton.
(Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland)

The City of Portland will return to Southeast Clinton street for more traffic law enforcement tomorrow morning — one month after installing diverters aimed in calming down traffic. The last time they sent police officers to this area it was to deal with complaints about unsafe driving on what is supposed to be a neighborhood street that prioritizes cycling and walking.

They ended up pulling over 60 people and writing 35 citations for a variety of offenses. We heard several complaints from the community that the police officers assigned to the mission weren’t positioned in a way that allowed them to see the unsafe passing many people are concerned about. Now a lot has changed on Clinton since the Bureau of Transportation installed two new traffic diverters last month: one at SE 32nd and the other at 17th. While we’ve heard reports that biking conditions have improved on the street since the diverters went in, we have also heard that some people still drive dangerously through the diverter at 32nd, which is only a semi-diverter and leaves open the possibility of driving in a zig-zag through it.


This time around PBOT says the enforcement action is specifically intended as part of their effort to, “To project to enhance the Clinton Neighborhood Greenway and make it more inviting for people who are walking and biking.” “The Portland City Council has also made a commitment to protect and enhance the city’s neighborhood greenways,” reads a statement about the action in reference to the Neighborhood Greenway report adopted by Council in August. This enforcement is also part of the City’s dedication to Vision Zero.

Here’s another excerpt from PBOT’s statement:

During the enforcement action, the Portland Police Bureau will be on the lookout for violations that threaten the safety of people walking and biking. These violations include people driving who violate “do not enter- except bicycles” sign, illegal and unsafe U-turns, and people driving vehicles (including scooters and motorcycles) through the new diverters. Police will also monitor stop sign compliance on streets surrounding Clinton, including the SE Woodward and 32nd Avenue intersection.

Portland’s neighborhood greenways are where people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to bicycle, walk and play. As such, neighborhood greenways need to maintain low motor vehicle volumes and speeds, provide protected crossings at major intersections, and create an environment that encourages people of all ages to travel actively. Between SE 12th Avenue and SE Cesar Chavez Boulevard, traffic volumes currently exceed the upper acceptable limit of 2,000 cars per day by 200 to 1,000 cars. Much of this traffic is believed to be non-local cut-through traffic that should be using either SE Division Street or SE Powell Boulevard.

Tomorrow’s enforcement action will happen on Clinton between SE 12th and 50th during the morning and evening rush hours (7-9:30 am and 3-6:30 pm).

— Jonathan Maus, (503) 706-8804 –

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