Kidical Mass set for February; but don’t expect to see Rep. Greenlick

Puppet parade bike move
Kidical Mass will end at a puppet
show next month.
(Photo © J. Maus)

After news spread earlier this month about Oregon House Representative Mitch Greenlick’s law proposal that would ban kids six years and under from riding on (or being pulled behind) bikes with their parents, Kidical Mass organizers felt their ride would be a fitting way to demonstrate their opposition to the bill.

On January 15th, despite rain-soaked skies, about 50 people showed up to ride through the streets of Sellwood. Ride organizer Katie Proctor invited Rep. Greenlick to join them but he had a prior commitment (House Rep. Jules Bailey did attend). This month, Proctor once again invited Greenlick, but he has declined the invitation.

Greenlick wrote via email to Proctor that, “I feel I have had more than enough communication with the biking community, without attending this event.”

While you won’t get a chance to communicate with Rep. Greenlick at Kidical Mass this month, you will get the chance to see a special family show by The Mudeye Puppet Company (whom I still have fond memories of after helping them move-by-bike back in 2006). The ride meets at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian Church (5441 SE Belmont) and the route will loop through Laurelhurst and Sunnyside Parks before heading to the puppet show. You can get a special Kidical Mass discount on tickets by ordering online with the codeword “bicycle”.

The ride is set for February 19th. More details at

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