Video of the Week: Scenes from a New York City bike lane

Just finished watching My Commuted Commute, a video that I think everyone should spend five minutes to check out. A woman from New York City, Rachel Brown, shot helmet cam footage and offers commentary about what it’s like to ride in one of the new, green-painted, curbside bike lanes. For all the positive buzz NYC is getting lately, this video shows that it takes much more than paint to create a truly functional lane for bike traffic.

As you can see in the video, Ms. Brown illuminates many problems with one particular bike lane on her daily commute. These include wrong-way bike riders and walkers, delivery trucks and cabs parking in them, left-turning vehicles that do not adequately yield, and conflicts between riders of different speeds. Beyond showing an unfiltered view of how NYC’s bikeways are working in the real world, many of the issues Ms. Brown talks about have relevance for other cities.

As American cities continue to evolve in their thinking about how to move bicycle traffic more efficiently and safely, I think the lessons in this video are extremely important. Here are some thoughts this video brought up for me:

O.K., enough from me. Watch the video let us know what you think.

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