Landis, ABC will bring national attention to Cascade Classic in Bend

Floyd Landis at today’s opening stage.
(Photo: Pat Malach/Oregon Cycling Action)

CyclingNews reports today that embattled professional bike racer Floyd Landis will start the Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend this week. In addition, CyclingNews reports that ABC’s Nightline television show will be following him for an upcoming episode. The presence of Landis and ABC news cameras means the 31st edition of the race — and its host city of Bend — will attract national attention.

Landis had his 2006 Tour de France title stripped away after he failed an anti-doping test. Earlier this month, Landis spilled his guts to The Wall Street Journal about what he alleges is a culture systemic doping in the sport of cycling. Most notably, Landis accused global icon Lance Armstrong and several other teammates of knowingly using illegal, performance-enhancing drugs. Armstrong has denied the allegations and a federal grand jury has begun an investigation.

Landis placed 75th in last years Cascade Cycling Classic. The six-stage race begins today with a prologue time trial and runs through Sunday.

The national spotlight will only add to Bend’s profile of being a premier host of high-profile, national bike racing events. Just last week USA Cycling announced that Bend won the rights to host the 2011 and 2012 Marathon Mountain Bike National Championships.

More info on the event website.

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