Morrison Bridge dedication event set for next week

Morrison Bridge back in September.
(Photo: Elly Blue)

Multnomah County has announced details of a dedication ceremony to celebrate the long-awaited opening of improvements to the Morrison Bridge.

The event is set for next Tuesday (3/30) at 12:30 pm. Slated to speak are County Commissioners Jeff Cogen and Deboroah Kafoury, ODOT spokesperson Shelli Romero, and Mayor Adams’ transportation policy director Catherine Ciarlo. The festivities will start at the bridge’s west entrance (SW Naito and Morrison) and attendees will be led across the bridge by the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers.

Plans to improve the non-motorized path on the Morrison Bridge took shape over 12 years ago. The new facility will handle two-way biking and walking traffic on the south side of the bridge via a 15-foot wide path that is physically separated from motorized traffic.

Some people are so excited for the opening of the bikeway that they couldn’t wait until Tuesday. Volunteers with Shift were on the bridge this morning handing out free coffee and pastries to the early adopters who are already riding over it.

For more on the new path, check out our Morrison Bridge Project tag and visit the official project website.

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