Update on the North Concord Avenue bike boulevard

New crossing treatment coming in the next few weeks to the intersection of N. Rosa Parks Way and Concord.
(Graphic: PBOT)

In the next few weeks, PBOT crews will install a key piece of the new bike boulevard on Concord Avenue in North Portland — a crossing treatment at Rosa Parks Way.

The project will include a new median barrier, two new crosswalks and added signage to warn motor vehicle operators of the presence of people biking and walking.

The new median barrier will have cut-throughs for people on bikes and on foot. In addition, motor vehicle operators will be prohibited from turning left at this intersection (no matter which direction they’re coming from). To make room for the median barrier and to improve visibility from Concord Avenue, PBOT will remove three parking spaces.

This project is just one part of PBOT’s Concord Bike Boulevard, which comes with a host of bike-centric improvements along a three mile stretch of Concord from N. Skidmore Ave. (Overlook Park) in the south, to Argyle St. north of Kenton (where the route is on Fenwick after it crosses Lombard).

There are crossing treatments coming to five intersections along the route. In addition to the Rosa Parks intersection, a new median barrier has already been installed at Killingsworth. At Ainsworth (another off-set intersection like Concord), PBOT plans to facilitate bike traffic with buffered bike lanes made possible by the removal of eight parking spaces on each side of the street. A raised crossing is slated for the crossing of N. Bryant (a minor street) and at Lombard (a major street which is also an off-set crossing), the plans call for a new signal and a two-way cycle track on the south side of the street.

Another notable component of this new bike boulevard will be the conversion of Concord into a one-way street for motor vehicles between N. Going and Humboldt and the addition of a contra-flow bike lane.

Also in the plans are 17 speed bumps, more stop signs for cross traffic, and the removal and/or turning of stop signs at nine intersections in order to keep traffic flowing on the bike boulevard.

PBOT project manager Kyle Chisek says the project is on course for completion by July 1st.

For more on PBOT’s 15 miles of new bike boulevards, check out their website. You can download the Concord Ave. project map here.

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