Vancouver (WA) gets a buffered bike lane of their own

The City of Vancouver announced today that they’ve installed a new bike lane along SE 20th Street (from 176th to 192nd) that includes a “buffer area between the bicycle and the travel lane.”

This is the latest in a string of bikeway news from Portland’s neighbor to the north. Last month we reported about a project to improve the dreadful crossing of the I-5 Bridge and a week later we shared news of Vancouver’s first on-street bike parking corral.

Here’s a photo of the new buffered bike lane from the State Department of Transportation:

New buffered bike lane on SE 20th in Vancouver.
(Photo: WashDOT)

In a statement, Vancouver says they added the buffer to “better delineate one lane of travel in each direction for motorists. The new striping also adds a buffer area between the bicycle lane and the travel lane.”

Project designer John Manix adds that:

“This project was completed at a very low cost because we were able to maintain most of the existing street striping. We kept the bikes lanes on both sides of the street and the four-way stop at SE 176th Ave. All of the existing marked pedestrian crosswalks were also maintained.”

Learn more about biking in Vancouver on the City’s website.

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