BTA asks: What advocacy topics do you want to talk about?

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) is planning several “Advocacy Forums” later this summer. The forums are being held so the BTA can garner feedback and input on a variety of issues. In advance of the first event in mid-August, the BTA just released a survey asking the community what topics they’d like to discuss.

When asked for more information about the forums, BTA Advocacy Manager Michelle Poyourow wrote via email that,

“These forums are a chance for BTA staff to discuss some perennial bike advocacy issues with our members. We can bring our informed perspective – what we know from the latest research and data, national and international best practices, political realities – and we want to hear from our members what their concerns and priorities are and what they’d like to see the BTA champion.”

Poyourow added that the forums are only meant for BTA members, “since, after all, that is who is funding this advocacy work.” She notes that if someone’s membership has expired, they’ll be able to renew it at the event.

In the survey, there are two questions. Here is the first:

1. From the list below, choose 3 topics you’d want to discuss at a BTA Advocacy Forum.

  • Bike taxes, bike registration and bicyclist licensing
  • Bikes + transit
  • Helmet laws
  • Police enforcement
  • Should bikes and cars be considered the same under the law?
  • What really makes roads safe for bicycling?
  • Other

The other question simply asks if you are a BTA member. Take the survey here.

The first BTA Advocacy Forum will be on August 15th at 3:00pm (I’ll update with location as soon as I find out). If you’d like to attend, RSVP to michelle [at] bta4bikes [dot] org.

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