“Bike box!”; Streetfilms points lens on Portland’s green space

Bike box. Get it?
(Photo: Movie still)
(Watch video below.)

Clarence Eckerson Jr., that intrepid auteur with New York City-based Streetfilms, just posted another one of the films he made during his recent visit to Portland.

Eckerson is the man behind the Sunday Parkways video I posted Tuesday (that film has already been viewed nearly 4,000 times).

This time, Eckerson turns his lens to our new bike boxes. The video is a sequel (of sorts) to his first video on New York City’s bike boxes, in which he popularized the “Bike box!” catchphrase and went toe-to-toe with them — literally boxing the boxes.

Check out the video below (warning: you may have “bike box!” in your head the rest of the day):

See more of Eckerson’s videos here.

[Note: Stay tuned for the much-anticipated web debut of Dan Kaufman’s bike box video that premiered at the Bike Porn film festival.]

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