Two more bike boxes spring up

more bike boxes springing up-1.jpg
New bike box on SW Madison at 3rd.
(Photos © J. Maus)

The City of Portland has installed two more green bike boxes and painted bike lanes; including the first one on the west side of the river.

Today, crews finished a bike box and new painted bike lane at SE 11th and Hawthorne, just a few blocks east of the first bike box they installed last week.

They also installed a bike box, and are nearly done with a new painted bike lane on SW Madison at 3rd (they still have to finish the green bike lane through the intersection).

While taking these photos at SW Madison, I ran into PDOT’s bike box project manager Rich Newlands. He noted that it will be interesting to see how people respond to a bike box at such a highly visible location (3rd and Madison is just one block away from City Hall). In the short time I was there, every car complied with the new rules.

For the many bike commuters whose route takes them from downtown Portland to Southeast, they’ll now enjoy three bike boxes on their way home. Here are a few more photos…

Madison and 3rd.
Madison and 3rd.
Hawthorne and 11th.
Hawthorne and 11th.

For more on bike boxes, see my Special Coverage Page.

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