House fire claims life of Zoobomber, artist Cody Reuwsaat

Cody Reuwsaat, R.I.P.
(Photo from Zoobomb Forum)

Late Monday night, a house fire in Southwest Portland claimed the life of Cody Reuwsaat.

Cody was a professional artist, specializing in horror make-up and props (the Willamette Week wrote a story about his work last year). Cody was also a friend of many people in the community and a regular Zoobomber.

Cody in full regalia at last year’s
Ben Hurt Chariot Wars.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Word of his untimely death (he was only 28) spread quickly on the Zoobomb forum and plans are set for a memorial Zoobomb tonight, proceeded by a potluck and gathering of friends.

After taking some unforgettable photos of him at last year’s Mini Bike Winter Chariot Wars event (how can you forget that face!?), I finally met the man behind the make-up at a potluck brunch held before this year’s Chariot Wars. It was hard to believe this kind, unassuming man was the same person I knew only from my photographs.

Cody’s friends on the Zoobomb forum describe him as being, “amazingly talented” and a “gentle giant.”

His art and his presence will be missed.

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