With Finn in the race, Council remains on bike-friendly course

city hall bike racks
More bike parking might be
needed at City Hall in 2008.
(Photos © Jonathan Maus)

Signs of a bike-friendly future in Portland can be found all over City Hall these days. For example…

Commissioner Sam Adams is going to bat for bike infrastructure improvements and he’s making a serious run for mayor. Adams’ vacated Council seat could go to Amanda Fritz or Chris Smith, both of whom understand the vital role bikes should play in our city’s future.

Also, in an interview with the Willamette Week, outgoing Commissioner Erik Sten told reporter Nigel Jaquiss that in order for Portland to remain the “greenest city in the country” we have to deal with the fact that “we’re gonna run out of oil, and the only way you’re gonna get around is through better land use and alternative forms of transportation.”

And let’s not forget how much Commissioner Randy Leonard loves riding his bike.

Brendan Finn on the I-5 bridge in July.

And now, with Sten’s announcement that he plans to vacate his seat on City Council, there’s yet another opportunity to make City Hall even more bike-friendly: Brendan Finn.

Finn, who’s currently chief of staff for Commissioner Dan Saltzman, has declared his candidacy for Sten’s open seat and he’s considered a very strong candidate.

He also happens to be a daily bike commuter.

As chronicled in this article from the August issue of the Rails-to-Trail Conservancy magazine, Finn rides into work each day on along the Springwater Corridor from his home in Southeast Portland.

I remember riding with Finn on the invite-only Cycle Oregon Policymakers Ride back in July and when I bumped into him at City Hall recently we had a long conversation about bike safety.

I’m glad to see him try and take a step up the political ladder.

2008 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

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